SoftGrip Umbilical Cord Clamp

“Is gentle on the baby’s skin whilst it safely compresses the umbilical cord to assist in the effective cutting of the umbilical cord to prevent blood loss”





SoftGrip Umbilical Cord Clamp

  • Double gripping surfaces to prevent slipping during the application or subsequent use
  • T-latch lock mechanism prevents accidental opening & Secures closure
  • Hinge guard confines the cord between serrated jaws to eliminate movement
  • No rough edges to snag newborn clothing or get caught in bed linen
  • Maintains a tight seal and exerts constant pressure on any sized cord, even as the cord shrinks
  • Skin-friendly, no skin irritation or discomfort to the baby

Medical Grade
Sterile EO / NON-Sterile
Latex Free

Product Code Product Pack QTY NHSSC NPC Code
GXM-786UCCS SoftGrip Umbilical Cord Clamp – Sterile 100 FFK197
GXM-786UCCNS SoftGrip Umbilical Cord Clamp – NON-Sterile 100 FFK196