Tracheostomy Tube – Cuffed

The GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube is manufactured from soft non-toxic thermosensitive medical grade PVC with anatomically shaped flexible neck flanges, to provide an effective tracheal seal for ventilated patients to reduce the risk of aspiration, high volume & low-pressure cuff, radio-opaque line, 15mm connector, ergonomic pilot balloon & smooth soft rounded tip.

Available in a range of formats with comprehensive sizes, ranging from adult to paediatric: Cuffed, Uncuffed and Reinforced.






Tracheostomy Tube – Cuffed

Product Code Product Pack QTY NHSSC NPC Code
GXM-786TCC5.0 GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube  – Cuffed 5.0 20 FSM7857
GXM-786TCC5.5 GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube  – Cuffed 5.5 20 FSM7858
GXM-786TCC6.0 GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube  – Cuffed 6.0 20 FSM7859
GXM-786TCC6.5 GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube  – Cuffed 6.5 20 FSM7860
GXM-786TCC7.0 GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube  – Cuffed 7.0 20 FSM7861
GXM-786TCC7.5 GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube  – Cuffed 7.5 20 FSM7862
GXM-786TCC8.0 GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube  – Cuffed 8.0 20 FSM7863
GXM-786TCC8.5 GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube  – Cuffed 8.5 20 FSM7864
GXM-786TCC9.0 GenFLEX Tracheostomy Tube  – Cuffed 9.0 20 FSM7865
  • Medical Grade PVC Tube: The smooth, arc-shaped outer cannula tube with a tapered tip is designed to assist placement and removal of tracheostomy tube with minimal disruption to patient’s anatomy and easier insertion.
  • Anatomically Shaped Flexible Neck flanges: Adapts to the movements of the patient’s head helping to reduce irritation and cleaning whilst keeping the stoma site visible, the soft double wings and neckties on the flanges guarantee comfort and can be adjusted, printed with a size indicator.
  • High Volume & Low-pressure Cuff: Intended to minimise patient trauma, due to the cuff’s large volume, a larger surface area is in contact with the trachea, this allows the cuff to create an effective seal against the trachea.
  • Ergonomic Pilot Balloon: Makes it easier to distinguish between the sound of suction and that of a cuff leak, enables the tube size to be identified.
  • Ergonomically Designed Valve: For accurate control of cuff inflation, pressure and integrity.
  • Smooth Soft Rounded Tip: Designed to reduce the possibility of tracheal trauma during intubation.
  • Radio-opaque Line: Easy X-ray visualisation and identification, also aids in positioning of the tube.
  • 15mm Connector: Conforms to ISO13485 allowing ventilation circuit connection.
  • Cuffed Tube: when inflated, creates a seal between the tube and the trachea, protecting against aspiration and optimizing respiration.  When the cuff is deflated, it rests tight to the shaft of the tube. This enables the tube to be used for weaning patients from a ventilator and also aids in speaking. 
  • Sizes available: 0 – 9.0