“UrinBag – Urine specimen collector offers skin protection for infants, and convenience as it is compatible with both female and male anatomy”






  • Standard or Microporous adhesive transparent butterfly patch makes application and removal easy and accurate
  • Convenient and easy use, compatible and comfortable for both male and female anatomy
  • Double-chambered construction with non-flow back valve keeps urine away from the skin to help prevent irritation and potential contamination
  • The adhesive patch can be folded in half to send the sealed specimen to the laboratory
  • Premature size ideal for NICU and low birth weight infants
  • Made from PE/EVA resin

Medical PE/EVA resin
Sterile EO
Latex Free

Product Code Product Pack QTY NHSSC NPC Code
GXM-78640UB UrinBag Premature Microporous Adhesive Sterile – 10ml 20 GVC015
GXM-78615UB UrinBag New-born Standard Adhesive Sterile – 100ml 20 GVC016
GXM-78611UB UrinBag Paediatric Standard Adhesive Sterile – 200ml 20 GVC017
GXM-78635UB UrinBag New-born Microporous Adhesive Sterile – 100ml 20
GXM-78631UB UrinBag Paediatric Microporous Adhesive Sterile – 200ml 20 GVC014